When negotiating with repART to commission an illustration or photograph, keep in mind we’ve got a vested interest in keeping both the client and the artist happy. It’s a role we enjoy and have done superbly since 1987.

The intended use of the art is made clear in the purchase order, as are all fees and terms of sales. Fees negotiated are based on many factors including usage, project size, and complexity, mechanical requirements, style, and timing. No exact formula exists, but all fees are discussed and agreed upon before any work begins.

How art is used influences the price. For instance, an illustration for a national market cost more than the same piece aimed at a local audience. Art used for purposes other than the original agreement may be quickly negotiated; no formula for reuse fees exists because second use may or may not be of greater value.

repART’s role in assisting the creative process works to limit rejection of our artists’ work; however, any necessary rejection fees must be negotiated and paid. repART’s artists do not work on speculation, all artwork is commissioned.