Featured Artist: Jason Stavrou

Today begins our Featured Artist feature. Each week an artist will be featured on the website, in email connections and through a weekly blast!

This weeks artist is the exceptional Jason Stavrou. His unique style is a fantastic addtition to the ever expanding roster. His work is proudly displayed on some packing created by our friends over at Wasserman + Partners. A commission to create a series of labels for Granville Island Brewery specialty beers. The first is a series of 12 is “Cloak & Dagger” a Cascadian Dark Ale. Jason worked with Ryan McGrew & Winston Hartle to create the most fantastic end product. The next label is already in the works and shaping up to be quite impressive, and as soon as it hits the shelves I will post it.

Jason has spent much of his career working in the UK, with many of the large publications and Newspapers creating satirical editorial images. His style is very distinctive and really pops of any media its placed on or in.