repART- New Website

After some months of interior redecoration, we at repART are excited to unveil our brand new home.


The aesthetic may have changed but our ethos remains the same and with the launch of our new website we can finally

showcase our array of skilful artists and their talented work. Some of the names you may recognise, others are new

to the family; none more so than new owner-operator / bandleader, Claire Khan. Claire combines a wealth of industry

experience with a keen eye and an unbridled love for creativity. With a bewilderingly talented stable of artists, illustrators,

designers and painters keeping dry under the repART umbrella there are few projects beyond our capabilities and every aspect of

our work is given the due care and attention that any potential client may come to expect.


We are delighted to be up and running and invite you to check out some of the previous work of our artists. We think you’ll be glad that you did.